2 X 500ml Pouches of That Cold Stuff


$ 44.95

That Cold Stuff has 240mg of Caffeine per 50ml undiluted shot!!! Making it a perfect pick me up prior to stepping on the mats, or taking on a grueling 36 man division!

Gustavo Dias (Black Belt Riberio Jiu Jitsu San Diego) after a mammoth two hour session in San Diego Summer. – “Man this coffee is nice and I am still so hyped lets have one more roll”

Livia Gluchowska (Black Belt Absolute MMA Melbourne). ” This stuff tastes great”

Mitch Martin (Eternal MMA Bantamweight Champion). “I love this shit! It is a must have both when in fight-camp and out”

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Product Description

That Cold Stuff Australian Cold Brew Coffee that is guaranteed to change the way you enjoy your daily cup of coffee. THAT COLD STUFF will delight your senses, awaken your spirit and add some pep in to your step. We pride our self on brewing a delicious drink that can be enjoyed straight up, but is equally as good with a splash of milk or mixed in an adventurous cocktail.

A few benefits of That Cold Stuff;

1. Its tastier then regular hot coffee.

2. Its healthier. (Sugar, Dairy and Preservative free)

3. Its versatile.

4. Higher caffeine content, making a great natural alternative pre workout.


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