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Suave Kimonos are a relatively new player on the Australian scene but have seem to of hit the ground running. They were kind enough to ask Open Guard to review one of their travel gi, that goes by the name of Cabeludo. I’ve been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for just over 5 years and have roughly half a dozen gis already in rotation, but am always happy to try a new product, especially with all of the travelling I have been doing recently, anyway without the fanfare and back ground into Suave (you can read that here) onto the review.


Today, as mentioned I’m reviewing the Cabeludo Travel Gi – White. Coming in an IBJJF-legal design, this kimono makes a great first impression to the eye and is on par with the rest of the market on price of $189.95. With all of the travel gis that have come across my desk I had high expectations for the gi. After putting it through its paces, whilst I was put through mine. I was able to come to a rather expected conclusion.

Before we get into the review, here’s how the company describes the gi:
• Made from a light-weight 270gsm Pearl Weave jacket. We still recommend that you wash the gi in cold water and hang dry it.
• Lightweight pants are 8oz twill cotton and have a standard rope drawstring for tightening.

This best seller signature-model gi was designed for and with our young athlete Chilli ‘Cabeludo’ Harel. The super light, soft and slim-cut features are ideal for weight-cutting competitors, traveling practitioners and warm weather.
Enjoy! #Oss (and even though we are strong supporters of the No More Oss movement, we will let this one slide).

From when it was shipped until it arrived at my door was a quick time frame of 4 days, when I opened the package that housed the gi, I found a no nonsense approach to packaging. Opening the cardboard box, the gi sat nicely therein. And while being that it was packed in its Gi bag it was like I got to open the package twice! Bonus. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of stickers and a keyring in the package as well, everyone loves a freebie right. :)

Cabeludo | Adults Gi | White

The pants are a cotton twill, as advertised. The branding is no too heavy on the on the gi overall, the Suave logo is visible on the top right thigh, and stitched in nicely on the left shin is a little bottle of something. With two drawstring loops on either side, I was happy with the way they were designed. This is the first pair of pants I have worn that are of cotton twill so I was interested to see how the felt.Cabeludo | Adults Gi | White



The jacket is simple, coming in at 270 gsm. I was surprised when taking it out of the packaging just how light it was. The subtle black and white design is quite nice and I love the addition of the red green and yellow chilli’s that break up the jacket on the Suave logo, a nice show of respect to their young athlete. Their logo is only on the jacket once, along with a lion on one sleeve and chilli`s avatar on the other. Inside, I love the addition of the suggested care instructions printed. In the way of branding, it’s done to perfection, I would love to know the significance of the bottle though…. Overall though, I was happy at the look of the jacket – there are no giant design flourishes and it’s simple in presentation. Tied together, the pants and jacket make a nice, clean match.Cabeludo | Adults Gi | White



This gi straight out of the box looked the part and felt the part, so upon further inspection I was certain that this was a well made gi and you know what, It is not often that I am wrong, and upon further inspection it seemed as though I was right again, the material was light, strong, and well-tailored to my needs. So far so good I have had no issues. On the pants, I liked the cotton twill and was intrigued to see how they performed. Feel and Fit:

I’m 6`1, 95kg without the gi and asked for an A3. Suave is using a slim fit that hugged the inside of my underarms a bit at first, and with a nice fit across my shoulders and back it was relatively easy to move in. The pants fit comfortably, just as any other pair of ripstop pants, and were the appropriate length. Overall, I was very impressed with the gi at unboxing and through the first set of test rolls.



I was pleasantly surprised by this gi, its fit and craftsmanship, and the overall durability. At a competitive price point, I would definitely recommend it to traveling practitioners, or anyone in the market for something affordable that will hold up relatively well. The only downside I found was that after a few washes the cotton pants did begin to shrink a little which may have bought the pants in a little short if I was to compete in it. But all in all this was a very nice gi. I am excited to check out more of Suave Kimonos gear as they grow. For more information on Suave Kimonos and their offerings, please see their web site:  To get directly to this gi, click HERE, and tell them OG sent you!

Until next time


Cabeludo | Adults Gi | White

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