You Cant Wear Your Gi To A Wedding



As many of you would be aware, and if you are here reading this I enjoy writing. I have published a couple of books in the past and recently I began writing another. This one is different I`m not sure how long it will take to publish, I don`t know if I ever will publish it to be honest. It is basically a diary of my BJJ journey with a twist. . . Instead of the traditional training journal of techniques learnt, methodologies implemented into my game and emotions on the mat during specific training sessions, this will be a record of the different ways Jiu Jitsu has effected my life along the way and some of the hilarious and not so hilarious situations that have ensued along the way.  Anyway like I said I am not 100% on when it will get published so I thought I would share with you the introduction and I guess the motivation for the title and writing it.

If you enjoy the read let me know if, shit even if you didnt enjoy it let me know as well. I appreciate all feed back.





When it finally came in the mail it had been a long awaited day. We opened the invite with immense joy and happiness as it was the first wedding that my wife and I had been invited too as guests, but it was also the invite to the wedding of my longtime friend and his soon to be wife. It was a good time sure to be had! We open the invite and saw the dress was Cocktail Attire. . . Well as we soon found out Cocktail attire means completely different things depending on where you live, what you do for a profession and how you spend your down time. My wife was sorted in no time and looked amazing and suitable for any occasion as she always does. Next was my turn. We went into the local store and told the attendant what the dress code was and with a click of her fingers had me in an outfit that was fit for a king and it came with a price tag to match. We put it on hold and were to return on pay day. . . or so we thought.

It was at this point when my wife suggested we check with the Groom and see if what we had picked out was the correct attire for the setting and he promptly laughed and replied with a “Nah mate that’s not going to work, Cocktail attire is essentially what you would wear to the office, with a pocket square, tie optional”. Next up we stared hunting out suits, now I’m not the type of person who is happy to just blend in with the crowd, if I can subtly stand out then I am happy and comfortable to do so, I sent through a photo of a couple of white suits, sky blue suits, deep purple etc. all to be greeted with the same reply, “Mate, would you wear it to an office?”. I finally succumb to the pressure and decided I was going to channel my inner NYC club owner and go with a Black suit with a Black Shirt Black on Black for the win, how could I go wrong, right? WRONG. “Sorry man Black is bad luck at a wedding for guys and is traditionally reserved for funerals” Well fuck me Groomzilla had arrived and I mean this in the best intentions.

It got me thinking back to before I started Jiu Jitsu, my cupboards were full of suits, shirts, jackets, fancy shoes for all occasions but now times have changed, not only do the suits that I have or had not fit but the one that does still bears the stains of battle from ANZAC day commemorations past. This wouldn’t have been an issue back then. Back then life was good, and then along came BJJ, I lost weight the clothes that once fit now did not, but instead of replacing the suits with new suits, I replaced them with Jiu Jitsu inspired T-shirts and a host of different Fight Shorts. The shoes slowly fell out of fashion and instead of keeping up with the trends I had one pair of running shoes and a wardrobe full of thongs. . .and flip flops. So, when this situation arose I walked in to my robe to be greeted with 15 Gis and a bunch of T-shirts from the various different academies I had visited over the past 5 years, needless to say none of them were going to be appropriate for the wedding of the year. I put on my finest Blue Gi Jacket and matching pants and sent him two photos both in similar poses, but one was also in my new Blue Suit I had just purchased. He replied promptly with “Blue is a bit light, but I’ll make the exception for you my brother” quickly followed by “You Cheeky Fucker, You Can’t Wear Your Gi To A Wedding”

It was with this where the obvious title for this book comes from, but it also led me on a journey back over the past 5 years of ways that BJJ had hijacked my sense of normal life and everything that I did previously. From how I trained, to what I ate, How I spoke, How I moved, What I watched and while we are being honest, How I held my wife, no one gets under hooks without a fight, I don’t care who you are, but more on that later. I figured why not jot down all the hilarity that has ensued as a result of BJJ being introduced to my life, what a perfect preparation guide for those who are contemplating starting their own journey in this beautiful art and a tool for those who are deep into it already to read and reminisce on the similarities of the many stories contained within these pages. So why don’t we just get started from Day 1 of my BJJ Journey on the next page.

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