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Author Supply is one of the new players to the Australian Scene and have made a very fashionable entry, there initial release was the Chapter 1 which comes in Black and White and definitely set the tone of elegance for this brand, they have released a few Gis but this review in particular is about their latest release THE VAGABOND.

As described on their website;

For the travelling grappler, we introduce to you the Vagabond ultra-lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi that balances convenience with durability. The Vagabond Gi was designed for grapplers who cherish the traditional Gi feel without sacrificing the convenience of a travel friendly and durable design.

The Vagabond Gi features:

  • Traditional thick Gi lapels never sacrificing art for convenience.
  • Ultra-lightweight ripstop pants and kimono never compromising efficiency for durability.
  • Built-in mouthguard pocket in both pants and travel bag.
  • Durable multi-stitch construction and high tensile embroidery.
  • Rapidly drying lightweight design that wicks moisture and keeps the practitioner cool.

They were kind enough to ask Open Guard to review The Vagabond, and it came at the perfect time with the Free Rollers San Diego trip coming shortly after it was sent. I would get to train in this Gi in the heat of Perth Summer, and then get to travel with it as it was designed to train with some of the best in the world where it was sure to get put through its paces more than once. I was excited.


That is my excited face after the first roll in The Vagabond

I’ve been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for just over 4 years and have roughly half a dozen Gis already in rotation, but am always happy to try a new product, especially one that suits my lifestyle of being on the road every other week. Unlike other brands that have approached the Australian Market the thing I like about Author Supply and Other Aussie brands is that they are not being overly aggressive in hitting the Market spamming the shit out of guys and girls with promises of “Sponsorship” opportunities, however this review is about the product itself so moving on.

Today, as previously mentioned I will be reviewing The Vagabond from Author Supply CO. Coming in an IBJJF-legal white with an elegant silver trim, this kimono makes a great first impression to the eye and ridiculously light. The price for this piece comes in on the website at $199.00. After putting it through its paces, whilst I was put through mine. I was able to come to predicted conclusion.

From when it was shipped until it arrived at my door was a quick time frame of 5 business days, when I opened the package that housed the Gi, I found a very nice Gi Bag with the Vagabond logo on the front. Opening the cardboard box, the Gi sat nicely therein, within its Gi bag. It also come with a couple of little key rings which made my day I am a fan of little trinkets especially key rings. . .


The pants are a what seem like the traditional lightweight rip-stop. The branding is no too heavy on the on the Gi overall, the Vagabond Logo is on the left leg, stitched in nicely. With two drawstring loops on either side, I was happy with the way they were designed.


The jacket is simple, coming in super light its like training no Gi in a Gi. I am actually unsure what the construction of the jacket is but it does feel very much like the same material as the pants, potentially ripstop. I have only ever seen one other Gi with this same material and that was a Storm Kimono a training partner had a while back. I was surprised when taking it out of the packaging just how light it was. The white and silver contrasts are a nice touch to give an the otherwise plain looking Gi a touch of elegance and class. This is seen on the inside of the cuffs as well, and at the splits in the skirt.

Their logo is across the back of the jacket, however – the stand outs for me is the Quill (that the brand is known by) and the inclusion of the Vagabond logo stitched into the right arm. In the way of branding, it’s perfect for the travelling Jiu Jitsu practitioner, and would have no issues with use in a gym that you are visiting. Overall, I was stoked by the look of the jacket – there are no giant design flourishes and it’s simple in presentation. Tied together, the pants and jacket make a nice, clean match.

Feel and Fit:

I’m 6`1, 95kg without the Gi and asked for an A3. The fit of the jacket was perfect from first wear, plenty of room to move and to hide my little people that fan me and feed me grapes mid roll, more on that later. The pants fit comfortably, just as any other pair of ripstop pants, and were the appropriate length. Overall, I was very impressed with the Gi at unboxing and through the first set of test rolls. Mind you, it’s super light construction and being white make sure you wear a rash guard and underwear. . . if you sweat as much as I do while training the Gi becomes see through really quickly lucky I always have my Budgy Smugglers on when I train and the classic designs such as the Pink Fineapples always bring joy to my training partners and watchers on. Additionally, the lightweight jacket is great for the hot, summer weather and breathes well.


I was super happy this Gi, its fit and craftsmanship, and the overall durability. It was quickly promoted to one of my go to Gis especially when I am on the road. I would recommend it to all practitioners, regardless of whether you travel frequently or not. While rolling in the Gi there were jokes made about people fanning me and feeding me grapes mid roll due to the luxurious feel of the Gi for my partners and their grips. For more information on Author Supply Co and their offerings, please see their web site:  To get directly to this Gi, simply click here and tell them OG sent you!

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