When I was asked to review the first release rash guard from new Aussie brand Savage Fight Wear I was pumped. I love the cartoon parody style and all though I never really got into Rick and Morty nor did I have a clue what adventure time was the designs alone were enough to win me over! Who doesn’t like a good toehold.


Here is a the brand spotlight interview we recently conducted with the guys where they really go deep and let us know what the brand is about.


One thing I must say about rolling time shorts is I really love the description on the website

“It’s Rolling Time Come On, Grab Your Friends, We’ll Go Train At Very Distant Gyms

Kinda suits me too a tee with Free Roller links…


Let’s get to the review.



Savage Fight Wear Rash guard – Chokes and Toeholds

Savage Fight Wear Fight Shorts – Rolling Time

I am 92 kgs and 184cm tall, or 202llbs and 6’1



  1. The artwork combines bright colours and cartoon designs which I admit wouldn’t be for everyone and I wasn’t sure I would like it to be honest but it really does bring out my eyes and my facial features 😉
  2. The artwork is 100% sublimated and will not crack, peel or fade even after heavy and prolonged usage
  3. The fabric is high quality and reinforced with flat lock stitching for comfort. There are no seams in the underarms and the tags are also 100% sublimated for maximum comfort. Both the shorts and the rashguard have a non-slip latex band at the waist.





  • 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang dry
  • Do not iron or dry clean
  • Have the possibility to shrink a little depending on wash method.






As soon as I open the parcel that was sent the rash guard was a stand out in terms of artwork and quality. The rash guard is smooth and has stitching hidden quite well compared to most no gi gear that have a very obvious stitching that isn’t always matched to the colour of the rashguard. It adds that little extra touch of class to the already bright eye catching design. I can’t wait to be able to train in these products. The feel of the rash guard without even trying it on are among the softest I have felt. All the products seem to have been prewashed so there are no remnants of chemicals, which means, I am going to train in this right now! A + for the first impressions.



The fit and feel of the rash guard and shorts are spot on, just as soft as I had imagined while holding them straight out of the package. I have an XL rashie which is of a looser fit. Depending on the time of year and my body condition I don’t like super tight rashies and this one is perfect. The rash guard has a strip around the bottom of the rash guard which will lock onto a pair of spats or if worn without spats will lock under your fight shorts. This is something that was appreciated by not just me, but everyone else on the mat. My stomach isn’t on any wonder of the world lists, people won’t travel across the world to see it slip out mid roll that is certain.

The other cool thing about both the rash guard was the fact that I stayed warm during training. I can almost guarantee anyone who has trained No Gi once or twice knows that feeling once you start cooling down the rash guard can sometimes make you feel cold however I did not experience that at all. Between rolls with the next training partner I stayed warm and did not experience the “cooling off” effect. The rash guard stood up during the hard training and after one hour of rolling I was still warm (not to hot) and I was completely rash and cut free which is always a bonus. The shorts were just as comfortable and I actually threw some kettlebells around in these after the first wash. I have never had the shorts with the latex band in them but combined with the rashies band there was no unnecessary body parts popping out.

Rating: A+ for my first workout and roll impressions.



After the first wash I was still impressed as ever with both the rash guard I trained again a second time the following day with the rash guard under the Gi. I accidentally left it  in the washer on the second wash and my wife threw them into the dryer. Like an honest man on a winter’s day minimal shrinkage was noticed however IT STILL FIT! I would not recommend doing that often due to possibly of shortening the life of the rash guard but I was amazed that it held up and still looked as good as the day I received them. The fit was still amazing and I use it almost daily. The shorts as previously mentioned have been used numerous times in workouts other then BJJ. Most of my fight shorts also double as everyday wear during summer however these ones are a touch uncomfortable for that due to the band, so these will remain a dedicated training short no matter what sport I am practicing.



  1. Will not shrink on you after a wash.
  2. Awesome Graphics to set you apart from the others on the mat.
  3. The artwork is 100% sublimated and will not crack, peel or fade!
  4. Great price for what you are getting.
  5. No infections or rashes to be seen whilst wearing this product.
  6. Will be the best looking guy or girl on the mat on No Gi night.


  1. Recommended to hang dry, so do not forget to pull it out of the wash before class so it will dry in time.
  2. Not really bad in the sense of things but beware sizes do run loose fitting so if you are in-between sizes order down, worst case scenario send it back for a free exchange.
  3. You have to wait for it to arrive at your house. (Although postage from Melbourne to Perth was no longer then 4 days).
  4. May have to use your BJJ skills in a real-life situation if worn outside the gym. (Fighting off members of the opposite sex who are in love with your item)
  5. May run out of room for all your trophies won for “best dressed” at events.



Savage Fightwear have done a great job building his brand into a movement with new designs coming out regularly. The gear I reviewed was the first release however I can honestly say that the quality of the gear that comes out of Savage Fightwears design lab is second to none matched by their service sees this rash guard in particular get 4 out of 5.

If you haven’t already head over to to take a look at other quality gear they have on offer.


Thanks for reading and see you on the mats


The Rolling Reviewer

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