Well after a fair hiatus we are back with our much-anticipated return of the Brand Spotlight, A section on our site which will put the spotlight on the Brands we love, both old and new from Australia and abroad. We will be once again interviewing the faces behind the brands and find out what drives them to do what they do. We aim to have a brand a month, so if you are or know someone running a BJJ brand that you think deserves some recognition then get at us

With the return edition we have chosen a relatively fresh brand that specialises in Parody fight wear. I’ve chosen this brand for our first spotlight back due to their eye catching designs and big plans for the future, I would like to introduce Daniel Stein from Savage Fightwear.


OG – Welcome to Open Guard Dan hope you’re having a good one and kicking goals. As always mate would you mind starting by telling our readers a little bit about your personal BJJ journey and the How Savage Fightwear came to be?


SF – My BJJ journey started while my wife was 6 months pregnant with our now almost 8 year old son, she wanted me to have an escape from work newborn daddy roll that was about to take over and pushed me into starting a MMA Class as a “hobby” little did we both know it would become a passion and love in my life. I have been training under Jeremy Ta Kody for 8 years now. I’ve always wanted my own clothing brand since a young teenager, I use to draw up pieces and designs and one day we just decided to create my 2 passions together and create Savage Fightwear, I get to have my own clothing line and wear my own designs to BJJ class most months in a new design.


OG – One of the things I have noticed with the brand is that it is heavily geared towards versions of shows like Rick and Morty, Adventure Time just with a unique BJJ spin on it, (which is awesome might I add) Is this something you will continue as the brand grows and develops?


SF – Thanks Luke, We love our designs too. We actually asked our fans what they wanted and we have been working off what they want and our style to create these one of a kind designs you can see we have. We just release Jiu Jitsey the Clown which is on Pre Sale right now, we have a few new designs in the making and we may stear away and then come back to the cartoon relm of designs.



OG – Having first coming across the SF brand on social media one thing that stood out to me was you are very active in promoting through social media channels how have you found the reception to the Australian BJJ market?


SF –  Pure Love, We get messages and photos most days with someone wearing one of our designs and thanking us for our amazing design and quality pieces.


OG – One thing I ask all of our guests is the plans for the future? Do you have any exciting collaborations or projects on the horizon that you can talk about?


SF –  We have recently sponsored our first fighter Ashley Lauren who is fighting and raising funds for Warriors of Purpose  on Friday March 29, 2019 national fighting championship Charity Fight Night in Atlanta, GA we are super proud to be able to support her and help in any way we can. We will be looking to join, Sponsor and Collabrate with many new people in the future.


OG – What has been one of your biggest challenges in establishing yourself in your local BJJ Community and the national scene, with new brands popping up almost daily how do you try to stand out from your competitors? I have seen you have recently taken on Ashley Lauren with a sponsorship deal, is this a plan to support and attack the USA market initially before targeting in on Aussie soil?


SF – Winning the trust of people online is alot harder then being able to hold and see our quality designs in your hand so this has been a big challenge, Ashley making contact with us and hearing about her charity fight we just knew it was something we wanted to be apart of and help her raise as much as possible. It wasnt planned to be in the USA market so quickly but we are a big hit over there with many customers from the USA and Worldwide actually already.


OG – With the competitive scene growing every man and his dog is looking for sponsorship deals of some form or another. For the athletes aiming for a deal what is it that you look for in a potential ambassador? Do you look for personalities, competitor’s active social media people?


SF – As a small start up we are always looking to join forces with people who can help us as much as we can help them, we want to work with true BJJ lovers, you must love the life style as much as I do.


OG – Thanks for joining us Dan, and before I let you go do you have any parting words/plugs?


SF –  Jiu Jiitsey has just dropped, Special Pre sale price is for a Limited time so get on and get your size now hahaa Also Follow us On Instagram @savagefightwear Facebook Savage Fightwear And Also our vip Group Which We Have Special Deals Everyone can ask question and see Things ahead of Everyone else which is Savage Fightwear Vip


OG – Hahaha Jiu Jitsey, that is brilliant! Well there you have it ladies and gentleman if you want to follow Savage Fight Wear be sure to head to their social media accounts and give them a like I will link them below to make it a hell of a lot easier for you.



Be sure to take a read of the gear review when it is published over the next few days and head to the Savage Fight Store HERE to get your gear today!

Until next time. 

@SavageFightWear – IG

Savage Fightwear – Website

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