When I stumbled across the ad for the what was then upcoming release of the DEF Gi from Origin, I knew this was something I had to have! When I was approached by Origin and asked if I would like to do a review on the Gi I accepted with great honour. I have now been training frequently in the Gi for a little over 3 months and as I saw recently Pete and the guys at Origin are about to do a re-run so what better time for me to tell the world about what I think.

Upon getting the package in the mail it was noticeably lighter than any other Gi I have received, it led me to believe maybe I was only send the top or possibly a couple of rashies. Once I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see the Gi and the first thing I noticed was the care instructions. Unlike any other Gis in the past these instructed me to wash the gi in warm water and then to tumble dry. . . something I had to double check with Peter. Once confirmed the Gi went into the warm wash cycle. It’s important to mention here that prior to the wash the Gi jacket was approximately 6 inches past my wrists if not a little more, I was a little worried that this Gi would remain too big.

Once the wash was done I took the gi to the Line instead as the instruction said also “If you are a bad ass and want to make the Gi almost impossible to grip leave it in the sun to harden.” I figure with my skills, I could use all the help I could get. . .

Once it was dry it did shrink down a little with the jacket still slightly past my wrists. The pants fit perfectly almost like I went into the factory and was measured up specifically. They also look slightly different to your average Gi pants almost like a military grade type pant, which is something I really liked.

IMG_20180314_060842_578Without further delay the next morning it was only fitting that I “Got after it” and hit the mats in the garage with one of the monsters from my club at 0430, in true Jocko style I even took a picture and posted it to IG. It was a super-hot morning but the Gi Breathed well and I didn’t find myself over heating even with my rash guard on under it. It was still a little over size and slid of the shoulder from time to time, but overall it was light and quite comfortable. The pants like I said looked like I could wear them as every day pants and I was skeptical about how comfortable they would be to roll in. The fit was perfect it was like I was rolling in nothing at all, which I assure you I have done.

After the first session and the larger I size I decided to wash in warm water and place in the dryer. This was the right thing to do as it bought the jacket in to the perfect size for me. The Jacket is made from what they have called American Smart Pearl Weave, to be honest I thought it was a nicely worded marketing plan, however it is exactly what is described on the Origin website. Lightweight, Fast Drying and 10x stronger the traditional Pearl weave.

So fast forward a few months down the track, this Gi has become a solid in my rotation training in it at least twice a week. The more I wear it the better it fits, which is good because I may or may not of wore it to the bar a couple of times. When this Gi is on my Jiu Jitsu skills are improved by 150% and the attraction of members of the opposite sex has been almost undeniable. . . I have also encountered many Jocko fan giving me the knowing nod and asking if I have read his books or heard his latest podcast, oh this also came with a copy of the Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual.


The Gi has the added bonus for those who are an avid competitor on the IBJJF scene it is also approved for competition.

All in all I am extremely happy with this Gi and am happy to say that if you are in the market for a new gi that the Origin DEF Gi is something you simply cannot go past. Head to over to the ORIGIN website to snap yours up today.


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