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Another Eternal card is in the books, and it was another stellar show. Coming off the heels of Eternal 30 which happened recently in Queensland it seemed all the fighters were eager to carry on the momentum.
This card was a little bit special though as it was headlined and co-headlined by the Della brothers fighting out of the MMA clinic for Eternal titles. I enjoy coming to these shows as you can see a lot of effort is put in, and nothing seems half-assed like you get with other local MMA and kickboxing shows. The fights were epic, the announcer was great and the jaw-dropping ring girl Jacinta tied the show together nicely. Go follow Jacinta on Instagram @jacinta_rok as she is a very polite lady and helped me out with my video. Also, she has a six pack that makes me want to go on a diet. I also noticed with this show that a lot of fighters were wearing Engage fight wear gear like the UFC does with Reebok which gave the show a professional feel. But enough raving on the garnishes lets get to the main meal, lets talk fighting.

The first fight of the night was Darcy Spowart vs Jesse Sayas
with Darcy winning in the second via a very nice armbar from the guard. This fight wasn’t contested much on the feet with Jesse choosing to take the fight to the ground. It seemed Darcys jiu-jitsu, and good hip movement was too much for him, and after a few different submission attempts he finally got the tap.

Next up was Ryan Witherington vs Oisin Loughlin which was a bit of a scrap. It was pretty competitive until Ryan slept Oisin with a clean right hand in the second when Oisin came in too aggressive. But all props to Oisin on stepping up on short notice and turning in a good fight.

Pablo Torrealba vs Jason McDonell was an impressive performance by Pablo. It started off on the feet with both guys landing some shots, but it did look like Jason was starting to get Pablo’s timing. So Pablo landed a very nice takedown and for those of you who have never heard of Pablo on the jiu-jitsu circuit the guys a bit of phenom. He even went to compete in a jiu-jitsu competition the next day, and if that doesn’t say mat savage, I don’t know what does. Once Pablo got the takedown it seemed to be all over from there, and Ryan didn’t look like he had an answer for such slick jiu-jitsu and got submitted with a triangle.

The fourth fight of the night was George Garley vs Sean Roberts, I know both guys, so I was a little conflicted, but they turned it in a good fight. George won via decision after landing a few scarily athletic takedowns and landing some decent Khabib style ground and pound with a crucifix setup. But Sean kept good composure and got out of every dangerous situation handed to him. He did land some good shots with his hands but just wasn’t active enough with it.

So Stacey Ward vs Kristy Obst was a bit of a barn burner because both these girls came to scrap and with some good technique. Stacey seemed to be the more aggressive fighter keeping Kristy on the back foot. Even on the back foot, Kristy looked like she was still landing the better counter shots and digging with some leg kicks. The fight went to the ground in the first but other than that it was either in the middle of the octagon or in the clinch on the cage were Kristy was landing some good knees. Kristy won via decision.

Kevin Huynh vs DJ Bowran was a quick one after a brief exchange on the feet DJ landed a nice double leg. With the takedown, he went on to secure a very slick head arm choke, some very nice jiu-jitsu as it looked like he knew what he wanted and calmly worked until he got the choke.

Casey O’Neill vs Rianne Ware started off with both girls throwing leather, but it was evident after throwing a kick that there was something wrong with Rianne’s knee. When she put weight back on it after the kick, it gave out, and Casey jumped on her landing some good ground and pound. But kudos to Rianne even with the injury she managed to keep Casey in her guard and even get back up. But as soon as she did the leg gave out and the ref called it for Casey.

Brodie Paino vs Daniel Fuller was the fight of the night in my books with both guys bringing two different styles of striking to the cage. Daniel the war machine fuller ( trust me watching this guy fight a couple of times the name fits) is more of a boxing/Muay Thai based fighter that is confident with his hands. While Brodie Paino seems to have more of a karate kickboxing style that is penetrating modern MMA. Both guys looked good landing technical strikes back and forth, and both guys were game as fuck. I thought the first two rounds were pretty close, but it seemed the fuller was starting to either get a little tired or frustrated. Brodies multi-faceted attack with the switching of stances and a good mix of punching and kicking made it hard for Fuller to get the timing and take over. Even in the third when he was starting to get outstruck Fuller was still game and still kept giving Brodie some trouble. But it wasn’t enough, and Brodie won via decision.

Jack Della vs Luke Howard was the co-headliner and the first of the pro fights, and it didn’t disappoint. Jack the champ and A walking brick shit house Won in the second via a very scaring knock out when he landed a clean uppercut on Lukes’ chin. The first round was competitive with Jack landing a little more on the feet but Luke getting two takedowns. In the second though Jack came out like playtime was over and proceeded to take over the fight throwing big combos until the knockout retaining the eternal title.

Isi Fitikefu vs Josh Della was another stoppage in the second round and unfortunately for the Della brothers another tittle retention. What could have been a magical night for the two very skilled Della brothers was shut down by the current middleweight champ Isi. Both rounds started on the feet with Della landing some good shots but was taken down in both rounds. Isi being a bit of a unit managed to land some good ground and pound off his takedowns in Della guard. Midway through the second, the ref had seen enough after one very vicious elbow giving Isi his first title defence.

So again, guys, you should go check out eternal MMA and like there facebook page to see when one of these events are coming to you. Trust me you won’t be disappointed if you love the beautiful violence and chaos of the cage.
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