What to eat for healthy weight loss!


We all know that there is no one-night miracle to lose those extra pounds in our body and immediately have the rig we can be proud of. Achieving your body goals require a lot of time, patience, motivation and dedication aside from all the exercises that you must go through. Trust me I speak from first hand experience! I was once 152kgs and now walk around at 95kgs.

What if you have exerted enough effort to lose weight, but still extra kilos just won’t leave you alone? We will all experiences this situation along the journey, but fear not, most of the time there is a simple solution. Often people put so much focus into the exercise and what needs to be done they forget about the other critical criteria when it comes to weight loss. Input. Simply eating and making better choices about what you eat can go a long way to speed up your metabolism and could also be used as a ladder to climb your success to your body goals.

To maximize your advantage in losing your weight, I have put together a list of foods that worked along the way and I could slip straight into my diet to give my weight loss a bit of a kick.

1. Rolled Oats


Rolled oats help you in losing weight as our body requires more energy in digesting this food in our system. Thus, more calories are burnt, and faster metabolism is needed when we consume rolled oats. This food also helps our body in preventing hunger to take the best of us. Making us feel full for a longer period, when introducing Rolled Oats to your diet be sure to steer clear of the toasted variety initially.

2. Coffee


Not a fan of coffee? Well, you should start loving it now as it is proved that having three cups of black coffee could burn up to 80 calories in your body. Coffee also acts as an appetite suppressant and the caffeine levels can play a role in stimulating our body’s nervous system similar to the effect of exercise in our body without the increased heart rate effect.


3. Asparagus

It is believed that when you eat asparagus, you are burning more calories than the amount you could get from the food itself. Thus, making asparagus is one of the best choices to help you in maximizing your diet efforts. On the other hand, whether this belief bears the truth or not, relying on the nutrient contents of asparagus, it can still be a great side dish for those who wants to lose some weight as asparagus contains the least amount of calories that barely or almost never adds up to your overall weight.

4. Apples and Pears

These two fruits are just some of the most widely common fruits in the world. And as common as these fruits are, their benefits in weight loss are not. Did you know that apples and pears contain a high amount of fibre that helps the body burn fats and regulated the metabolic rate of our body? Just choose the organic ones, and your trips to the scales will never be a nightmare again.

5. Purified Water
As if there weren’t a hundred reasons why water is very useful and beneficial to our body, then this reason will give you just one more. Water is considered a metabolic booster as it regulates the function of the organs of our body while providing hydration to it. In fact, even if water is readily accessible to most of us, a lot of people that are aiming to lose weight forgets to include water in their diet. So as an add-on tip, you might want to drink cold water as an aid to your weight loss since cold water requires more energy from the body in regulating its temperature.

6. Soups

Have you ever wondered why soup is offered as an appetizer in most buffet meals? Well, the truth is, you are being tricked. If you think of it, soup is just a seasoned beverage. And drinking fluid before your meal could lessen the amount of food you consume and boost your metabolic rate that is similar to the effect of water. So the next time you are on a buffet and deeply worries that your weight loss efforts will be ruined, then start walking towards the soup area. It’ll solve all your worries.

7. Hot Chillis

There’s a reason why eating chillis could turn your face red. This is because they increase the blood flow throughout our body. In turn your metabolism gets faster. This could also be seen by the sweating mechanism of our body whenever we eat jalapenos or other hot and spicy foods. Moreover, the sensation produced by these foods could also reduce food cravings as your body starts to look for water.

8. Almonds

Although almonds are not advisable to be consumed in bigger amounts as it also contains fat could adverse all your weight loss efforts, almonds could still be considered a beneficial food to help you trim those body fats away. The essential fatty acids found in almonds are known to be the one responsible for boosting the metabolism, just like what walnuts and cashew do in our body as well.

So there you have it, if you have been focusing on losing weight and have recently found yourself hitting a bit of a wall. Revisit your eating plan and make some slight changes, the results will speak for themselves .

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