Venum Elite BJJ Gi

So a bit over a month ago the good people from Venum sent me a couple of gis to test out. The first of those gi’s is the white and green Venum elite BJJ Gi. So the technical side, it’s jacket is a gold weave pre-shrunken material. The pants are rip-stop with a thick rope drawstring to keep you from going starkers on the mats. The fabric weight is 500 gsm with a sublimated neck inner for comfort when someone is trying to rip your head off with a good collar choke.

It came in a nice cotton drawstring gi bag which is one of the better ones I’ve ever gotten with a gi. The look of this gi is very slick with a modern take on the old school gis of the early days of the gentle art. It has two Venum sewn on patches on the shoulders, the rest of the gi jacket has tasteful embroidery which is the Venum logo with accenting features on the back and front of the gi. Out the two gi’s they sent me I like the embroidery on this one as it flows with the gi and doesn’t overwhelm the look of the gi.

So I took this gi on my trip to San Diego on the Free Rollers tour to the University of jiu-jitsu. As the UJJ has a white or blue gi policy, I figured this would be a perfect time to give it a good beating. I trained in this gi about ten times in a two week period washing it nearly every day, and it still feels like a new gi after all that trauma. The only thing that brings down the gi is that the green color from the accent pieces did start to bleed into the white in spots which from further investigation is a common problem with this gi. Other than that the gi is still in excellent condition after multiple times in the washer and hours on the mats. The gi itself was comfortable, the jacket is relatively light and does still manage to breathe even when doused with sweat which is excellent for those multiple hour sessions. Not at one point did it feel heavy or I want to take it off after hours of training where it was about twenty-five degrees outside, and steam was fogging up the windows. I usually don’t like the ripstop pants as they just feel flimsy, but these changed my mind as they felt slick when slicing through guards and felt strong when my opponents used them as grips. Which was a real surprise with how thin they feel.

So, in conclusion, it’s a solid gi, and the only negative I can draw is the bleeding of the colors. It’s a nice weekday runner to add to your selection of gis to use when you want to put in a hard session. But due to the bleeding, it’s no open mat special, well maybe before it goes into the wash a couple of times as it is slick looking before the washing machine hits it. I personly wouldn’t spend over one hundred fifty on it. It does come in different colors which makes the bleeding a real none issue if you get it in black. Right now the one I got is sitting at ninety dollars on the Venum site. So if you want more reviews and want to support a great company, you should pick one up an use our discount code at the bottom. Peace out players.

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