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UFC 217 was one of those magical cards that only happen every once in awhile when the stars align and the MMA gods grant us a gift. Very rarely does a card that looks as stacked as this one did over delivers and crushes expectations. This card was the equivalent of losing your virginity to a pornstar. With holy shit moment after holy shit moment guaranteed to get you off or at least bring you to the edge.

Setting the tone where the prelims with stand out knockouts by Ricardo Ramos and Ovince Saint Preux who both had knockouts that made you cringe and give a verbal “damn”. James Vick an underdog who I’ve had my eye on for awhile had another stellar performance against Joe Duffy (the guy who choked out Conor Mcgregor ages ago but probably wished he didn’t because you can’t mention him without stating that even though he’s a good fighter in his own right). So we will probably see him against a ranked opponent in his next fight and hopefully on the main card.

This main card delivered in spades and started as good as it finished, unlike my sex life, with most fights ending quickly like my sex life( just jokes ladies I’m a dynamo). Paulo “the Brazilian Batman” Costa pretty much ran through the former champ, Johny Hendricks. Who these days is living up to the big rig title next to such a pretty and bodied up Brazilian. Paulo kept a good pace up until the finish and really makes you wonder what damage he could do to the division. Hendricks on the other hand just doesn’t look the same as he did on his title run. Makes you wonder if it might be time to hang them up and just accept the dad body lifestyle and move on to greener pastures. Wonder Boy vs Masvidal looked like a man trying to beat a snake with a stick. Both gave and took damage but wonderboy out landed Masvidal and landed a knockdown which got him the win. It really felt if Masvidal had an impressive win with this one he would be in line for a title shot. With wonderboy already having to cracks at the title and GSP up at middleweight it makes choosing a worthy contender hard. But who knows maybe Colby Convingtons win over Damien Mia mixed with his cringe-worthy Chael Sonnen impression might give him enough push to get the shot( at least you know you’ll be selling PPV’s in Brazil).

The biggest upset of the night and maybe of all time was the huge underdog Thug Rose absolutely destroying Joana Champion (well former and sorry for no last names, google them to find out why). Finishing her by KO in the first round was a complete shock as she came in as the grappler and looks like she’s was dressing up as either Sinead O’conner or Eleven for Halloween (that’s right a reference for every generation and I love the cut). Especially when she was up against arguably the best striker in the UFC, I guess thugs aren’t scared of the boogie women.

TJ Dillashaw slithered his way back to the bantamweight title with the second round KO of Cody Garbrandt. It looked bad for a moment there between rounds as TJ wobble back to his corner after getting knocked down in the first by Cody. That’s why they tell you to chop the head off a snake because it can always bite you even when you think you’re safe. I feel this won’t be the last time these two face each other due it being a pretty close fight but I doubt it would be anytime soon. Just due to the fact Cody might wont to give it a little while due to the concussion and they’re both going to be daddies soon. Although TJ might make a quick return to the octagon if the GOAT Demetrious Johnson decides to take the TJ fight. But I’d bet that the fights going to be a pain in Dana Whites ass for a little while longer.

The final fight of the night was GSP vs Micheal Bisping for the middleweight strap. Although having a four year lay off GSP came out in looking good, outstriking Bisping in the first. But in the second all those extra deadlift’s and crunches started to catch up with him and visibly started to gas allowing Bisping to start to take over the fight for the second and most of the third. well at least until GSP landed a nice lead hook which knocked Bisping to the ground where he got his back after so heavy ground and pound. He slipped straight under the neck, locked in the rear naked leaving Bisping to watch the elevator doors shut out on the lights above. GSP looks like he’s got a mean squeeze too, I don’t think Bisping could have done anything to stop it because GSP was squeezing like Bisping’s neck like he found one of those aliens that abducted him. Although GSP did have a great performance I don’t know how he stacks up against the rest of the middleweight division. Especially if he’s next test if he chooses to stay at middleweight is the local Robert Whitiker. Peace out players


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