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With just under a week to go before departure we have one last guy to introduce you to. We could say that we have saved the best for last but that would be a lie. So without further ado we would like to introduce Reece “The Eskimo” Nettleton.FB_IMG_1507102459842

OG – Welcome to Open Guard my man it’s a pleasure to have you join us. Why don’t you take a brief minute to introduce yourself to our readers/followers?

EOh hey guys, thanks for having me. It’s my pleasure to be here. So where should I start? I guess the obligatory`s out of the way I am a 20/30 something dude who grew up around Lake Anjikuni in Nunavut, Canada. It was here where I developed a deep seeded love affair for all things snow and those who hunt in it.

OG – Ahhh Ok so we werent expecting that! We will get more details on that later but for now tell us how did you fall into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community?

EWell that’s a long story growing up in “the Anj” as we locals call it there was not a whole lot to do. It gets super cold in the winter and still cold in the summer, the only difference is there is no powder for us to shred. So we took up what we thought was an ancient Eskimo sport of Polar Bear wrestling. Once the bears started to hide from us we made the natural progression to wrestling each other. To be honest there was nothing better than skin on skin contact with fellow man. Not to mention the extra warmth it provides you, we didn’t train in the gi back then mainly because it was my choice being the strongest in the village, and I preferred the mano el mano contact, just the way god intended. It wasn’t until I was 14 and moved to Australia when I realised that we hadn’t actually made it all up. I found a club in Oxford Street and of I went, I haven’t really looked back.

OG – Oh right well I hope we are still talking about Jiu Jitsu! Moving on. So the Nickname Eskimo, I am assuming that it has come about given the area you grew up or is there a better story behind it?

EActually there is a story behind it. It is a combination of things really however my location growing up comes into play as does my love of the snow, but it actually comes from a song that was written about me and my childhood friend Tarka. To give you an idea the song has the lyrics “I go out seal hunting with my best friend Tarka, But all I wanna do is get into his parka”. I also got a little excited one night when I saw the North Pole.


OG – Alrighty then so moving on. Tell us what it is that excites you the most about the trip you guys are embarking with the Free Rollers brand?

ETo be honest if I had to pick any one thing is that I get to spend the time with 5 other guys who enjoy rolling around with each other. I hope they don’t mind my strange love affair I have with North/South I could stay there for days and really drive pressure down through my hips if you know what I mean. . . Not to mention the world class clubs we will be training in/with. The only way this trip could have been any better is if it was held in San Francisco.

OG – Yeah I get what you’re putting down mate. I hear that the guys are bringing their own Canadian Bear with them so Im sure you will feel right at home. We look forward to following along on the journey mate and seeing how it all plays out.

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