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Crossfit. . . Say what you want about this sport, I have for many years been against it. That was until just recently when I met the team at Crossfit Access here in Perth. For the first time in many attempts I asked questions about the sport and got answers that made sense, not a fake militant guy trying to convert me without even explain the whole process behind a workout to me in order to get another member to his cult. Aidan (The owner of Access) took the time to explain how a session is constructed and scaled to suit absolutely everyone in the one class from day 1 beginners to the elitists. It wasn’t all about coming in a gym throwing heavy as fuck weights around for 15 minutes whilst screaming lie a fucking dipshit so that everyone in the neighbouring suburb could hear you. You warmed up with a dynamic stretching session, then focused directly on the muscles that were going be incorporated into the days WOD (workout of the day) once that was done you cooled down. All in all the workout takes between 45mins to an hour. It was starting to make sense.

After the first conversation with Aidan my interest was piqued, I started to do a little more research into Crossfit again and being a father of two curious daughters they too were wondering what it was I was looking at. After not to long my girls both decided that they wanted to give it a shot. As my research continued the benefits of Crossfit were beginning to become more and more evident and if anything it looked like a great complement to my current training focus which is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, another similarity that I liked to Jiu Jitsu was the sense of community that the GOOD gyms seemed to have, you are the one doing the work, but you have a team of others pushing you to be the best version of your self as well. The mixture of strength, cardiovascular and gymnastics training that Crossfit provides should slip nicely into my overall Jiu Jitsu game. So with that it was decided. I was slowly going to integrate Crossfit into my current training regime. Slowly at first the aim will be to implement a WOD in every second day in between my normal weights program and mat time.

As with most things I attempt in my life I will document it, the highs, the lows, the good and the bad. It will all be there. It makes sense to me I like to lift shit, I like to grapple shit, I like to write about shit so fuck it why not do it all together. With everything going on at the moment Ill aim for a monthly post about the ride and how fucking amazing I am, or at least discovered that I wasn’t.
Ideally I would like to get up and train with the crew at Access however due to the distance away and the nature of my employment most of the time it will be me embarking on these gruelling workouts on my own either in my home or at the gym up at work either way I hope the results will be the same.

On the 20-09-2017 I started and to be honest I picked the workout based on it`s name, Airforce, being a Navy veteran I immediately assumed that something named Air Force would be a pretty easy task to accomplish for my first attempt, what a fucking amateur. The workout on paper looked relatively easy.

To warm up I spent 10 minutes on the stationary bike and 5 minutes skipping (this is another new thing for me, don’t expect to read about any double unders any time soon) Once I was warm I moved into the WOD

For Time
20 x Thrusters
20 x Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20 x Push Jerks
20 x Overhead Squats
20 x Front Squats

RX which thanks again to Aidan means as prescribed was at 45kgs. I adjusted to a modified 30kgs for all of the exercises. I was pretty happy and feeling pretty comfortable throughout the thrusters and as I smashed through the first 10 Deadlift high pulls I was almost feeling like I cheated myself and should have had a crack at the heavier weight. Around the 15 rep mark of the second exercise I started to feel the burn not to bad but enough to start sucking in the deeper breaths. It was half way through the jerks when I realised that the lighter weight actually wasn’t that fucking light any more. I slowed right down. Moving into the overhead squats I wasn’t prepared for what was to come 30kgs above my head and squatting was a whole new ball game to any other squat methods I had ever done before. So slow and steady was on order for those, the last thing I wanted to do was injure myself on the first workout. As I welcomed the end of the first stint of squats the finish line was in sight and I welcomed the change of pace I imagined the front squat would bring. . . wrong. I managed to grind the 20 out finishing the workout in 11.06 minutes. Now I have no idea if that’s a decent time or not but I couldn’t give a fuck either I managed to finish my first workout in its entirety. I jumped on the rower and slowly pushed out a 1km row to cool down and get my breath back.

I felt pretty good throughout the day and managed to get back into the gym the next morning to continue with my traditional Chest/Back split, although the legs were a little tight it didn’t manage to cause to much of an issue.

Anyway that should do it for the first entry, like I said I will try to get a post-up at the very worst once a month but I will aim for one every 2 weeks. I will post here, on my FB and IG accounts simply click the link to follow them. I will be more active with the posts on social media then the blogs as we all know a selfie and quick explanation is much easier then punching out a cheeky thousand word blog post, and uploading it to a website. I’m really looking forward to the journey and sharing it with you all as I go.

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