Eternal MMA 28 – Monday Madness Fight Recap


In a weekend full of action for fight fans from the long-awaited GGG vs Canelo and a UFC fight night this weekends eternal 28 should be a standout for local Perth and Aussie fight fans. It was packed house (WA Italian club) full of fans dressed up to the nines or just rocking the local gym shirt or hoodie backing their fighter. The show was one of the best combat sports events I’ve been to, with the fights running smoothly so there were no lulls in the action. It had the cage which had been an element missing from Perth MMA shows and great seating so you could always get a clear view of the fights. Well unless you had some monster of a human sitting in front of you, then you might have your self a challenge. The announcer for the evening was spot on and I didn’t hear him stumble on a word once and I was listening so kudos to the man. I even have to give a shout out to the ring girl who provided the perfect distraction and refresher between the controlled chaos and carnage in the cage. I think by the end of the night she had a good little following of young boys and girls who seemed to be enamored by her. Constantly being asked for selfies which she agreed to with a smile to which I’m sure made some little boys year in a single photo.
But enough rambling on how good of a show it was technically and the shows smoking ring girl!

Let’s talk fights. All up the event held eleven fights with six amateurs bouts and four pro fights ranging in weight classes.

The first fight was Harvindar Mohar vs. Jon Norton with Mohar winning a clear decision. It was a fairly one-sided affair but Norton did manage to land one good shot in the second and a take-down but was getting pieced up by Mohar superior boxing and footwork. Even though Mohar was on the back foot most of the fight he had control and seemed to have a good speed advantage which allowed him to cut good angles and land some good combinations.
The second fight of the evening was Adam Lawrence vs. Junior Moe and was a barn burner winning the fight of the night. With a fairly even first round on the feet, it seemed junior was starting to gas in the second and went for a sloppy double leg which almost cost him the fight but he narrowly escaped a tight guillotine choke. The third round was epic with Junior landing a takedown and get to mount where he landed some nice shots in the ground and pound. But Adam the local fighter cheered on by the crowd who were on their feet at this point managed to escape and get back up to his feet. The round ended with the leather flying in an all-out brawl and spectators losing their minds with the show both fighters were putting on. Junior Moe won a close decision on the judge’s scorecards but both fighters won in the eyes of the crowd.
Kyle Wilkinson vs. Jesse Sayas was a war in the clinch with both fighters trying to wear the other down with wrestling and knees to the gut. The third it seemed Kyle was starting to pick up momentum on the feet but was shut down with a good Greco style take-down from the cage and ended the round with Jesse on his back working for the rear naked choke. It was called a Split draw by the judges.

Photo Credit - Kim Johnson/Hitman Photography

Kim Johnson/Hitman Photography

The next fight was a short one with what seemed to be a grappler vs grappler match up ending in KO. Pablo Torrealba vs. George Kanu ended quickly in the first round with Goerge rushing Pablo to the cage and landing some right hands making Pablo go limp against the cage. An impressive win for the Jiu-Jitsu blue belt who some spectators next to me claimed looked like UFC middleweight fighter Yoel Romero. Which is a fair assessment because the kid is jacked and hits like a Louisville slugger.

Ihsan Ahmedi vs. Justin Hickey was a real back and forth affair for the first two rounds with both fighters having their moments on the ground. Hickey with a close but well defended rear naked on the ground and Ahmedi with a tight Triangle choke attempt in the second. It seemed though Hickey had slightly better cardio in the third landing some good shots with his hands and securing a thunderous double leg from hell and finishing the round going for the rear naked again. Justin Hickey won via decision.
Axel Bonal vs. Daniel Fuller was another quick one with half the house seemingly there to watch Fuller fight. The bout didn’t even last thirty seconds before Fuller got the knockout. Fuller pushed the action from the bell going for the jab cross which was just slightly off time but he went for it again and timed it beautifully. It snapped Bonals head back in devastating fashion. In his post-fight speech declared “fuck this BJJ shit, I`m coming for the KO’s” which as a purple belt myself took in good fun and had a little giggle. But this kid is defiantly one to keep an eye on. If you are his next opponent I’d keep an eye on that right hand because it fires like a piston.
Steve Russell vs. Dishon Ravindran was another first-round finish for the promotion. It ended halfway into the round with Dishon getting the takedown and very smoothly locking in a body triangle as he moved into back control. From that point, it didn’t take long for him to get the rear naked choke, the tap and the win in a good showing of his grappling skills.


Kim Johnson/Hitman Photography

First of the pro fights was Marcus McKeever vs. Josh Togo which ended with Josh Togo getting the decision. The first round Mckeever tried to secure the take-down against the fence but was well defended so he changed tactics and locked in a tight guillotine. In an escape that rivals the Shawshank redemption, Togo managed to get out and make it out of the first. In the second the action was fairly even with both fighters getting take-downs and Mckeever did attempt some submissions but Togo manage to sneak in a couple of left hands straight down the middle. The third it seemed Togo took over on the feet and it was clearly evident who was the striker and who was the grappler of the two. Togo landed a few more straight lefts and a good liver kick. At the end of the round he went in for the take-down and Mckeever was going for a last ditch effort in getting his famous guillotine but time ran out.

Ricky Luzny vs. Sefita Fuanki was a battle between heavy weights. The first round Fuanki took control landed some good punches on the feet and the ground after getting some take-downs off the kicks of Luzney. The second Luzny started to pick up some momentum but Fuanki managed to continue to land some shots on the feet and continue into the third where both fighters were starting to fatigue. Fuanki earnt the decision by the judges and seemed to fix a few of his cardio issues from his last fight.




Kim Johnson/Hitman Photography

My favourite fight of the night was the co-main event between Anthony Drilich vs. Mark Familari and was a spectacular showing by Drilich who defiantly won some fans on the night. Drilich who at first look seemed very unassuming compared to his blue-haired opponent but soon showed he was no joke. As soon as the bell sounded he came out to kill with no emotion on his face and shark eyes which is kind of ironic considering his opponent’s nickname was the shark. It was evident from the first exchange that this kid could bang with a calculated ferociousness and started to tag Familari using heavy hands and good footwork. Realising he was overwhelming Familari on the feet he got the take-down and landed some devastating ground and pound. He then secured the rear naked on his knees which from that position he was able to use the ground to add more pressure to a tight choke and got the tap. Drilich is defiantly a guy to look out for on the local scene and is a very exciting fighter and left the whole place on their feet in applause and amazement.


Kim Johnson/Hitman Photography

The main event between Josh Della vs. Brandon Ropati ended in the first round and was a strong showing by the self proclaimed king of Perth. It began on the feet with both fighters feeling each other out but when Ropati started to get the better of the boxing against the cage Della made a great adjustment. He went for a take-down against the BJJ purple belt and gained good position pressing Ropati against the cage and landing well-placed punches and elbows until the referee was forced to stop it. This showing of great fight IQ earned Della the fighter of the night award. It definitely showed he might need to expand that it may be time for this king to expand into new territories and that he is an absolute gem for the rapidly growing Perth MMA scene.


Kim Johnson/Hitman Photography

In conclusion, Eternal, once again put on a fantastic night of fights and I’m sure all spectators felt they got their money’s worth. So if they ever bring their show to your town I would be buying tickets ASAP. These events shouldn’t be missed especially if you’re a fight fan or even if you’re just looking for an exciting night out.


Photo Credit – Kim Johnson/Hitman Photography

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