Free Roller – “The RockStar” Andrew McDonald


We are bang on 4 weeks remaining until we begin this training trip of epic proportions. We have introduced half of the crew attending. This week we introduce Andrew “Rockstar” McDonald.

We don`t want to alarm you but the reason he has earnt himself the Rockstar status is because he is or at least for a period of time (12 years to be exact) was exactly that, a chaotic travellin’, hard partyin’, guitar slangin’, big dick hangin’ ROCKSTAR, with a rad fucking beard!


So who is the man they call the rockstar? Well lets try our best to let you know.


We like to post Tinder profile pics of the guys

Andrew was born at a very young age, with his youth shrouded in mystery, his Ugandan boarding school class mates describe him as “aibu na kustaafu” or in English shy and retiring. Those who have been on tour with him or shared the mats have determined that is a lie. In some countries where Andrew has toured, along with the numerous children he has fathered and left behind some of the countries have declared January 1 as a national holiday in honour of his birthday, although his exact birth-date remains one of the worlds unsolved mysteries.

Along with the unsolved mystery there is talk among world leaders that he was in a childhood romance with a North Korean pop star, however this relationship was ended by none other then Kim Jong Il when his son was showing signs of jealousy toward Andrew. The jealousy was said to occur when Kim JR learnt that Andrew does not defecate. Im sure after this trip and the copious amount of Hot wings that will be devoured this will change.

He also has an unhealthy obsession with Doc Martens, although it does seem to fit in well with the Rockstar life.



Andrew talks in third person and is a enthusiast of invisible art. He once bought a piece from James Franco for $10,000USD. He has also been rumored to of played a private concert that lasted 3 weeks for Idi Amin, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad and Denis Rodman.

Since starting his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu story unfortunately the beard has become less rad due to it getting caught in chokes. This is the primary reason Andrew has decided to embark on this trip as to get so good that he can avoid the beard grabs when inside someones choke.

Andrew started training 18 months ago and after competing a lot on the local Western Australian scene has set his eyes on Australia`s biggest comp, Pan Pacific Championships which is held just a week after our return to Australia. What better way to prepare then with 10 days of training with some of the best in the world.

When I asked him what it is that he enjoys the most about BJJ his response was simple, “I love being choked, I used to be right into erotic self asphyxiation, but now I can have a little struggle and get someone to do it for me, whats not to love. I enjoy the struggle, the team bond that comes with a club, the mental challenges that you must overcome. I just fucking love it all. But mainly the choking” no doubt about it he is pretty adamant about what he likes and wants, if you share the mats with Andrew just remember he doesnt roll with a gun in his Gi.FB_IMG_1504860476528



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