Free Roller – The Panda AKA Bob Fckn Barker


Here we go again, Robert Barker AKA The Panda is an ex Canadian Navy dude who has fit in well to the homeless lifestyle of travelling the world and practicing Jiu Jitsu. His image slots him well into tent city’s around the world although even there he still receives the slander that comes with being a red head.



Although I am quite certain you have heard or read of me, perhaps some of you have already been amazed by my grace and elegance that is me on the mats, I feel obliged to inform you that I am the one and only Bob Barker…. (well except for the impostor that once stole my name). I am an independently wealthy man of worldly mystery, and, incidentally, smarter than a monkey.

Yes, THAT Bob Barker – AKA Panda. Of the world famous Pandas Odyssey.

For those of who who perhaps don`t recall hearing of me, or perhaps, suffered traumatic head injury of late, which has clearly erased your memory, or for those of you who have been in a long term coma of some sort (good morning and welcome back); allow me to remind you of exactly who I am, so that we can become better acquainted, and so that I might inform you of how you might be able to better serve my needs:

I am the one who was born Robert Barker (although recently I think I have a long lost Australian brother, more on that later) over my many years on this earth I have been called many things, Robert, Dogs, Bert, Bob Barker and of course The Motherfuckin Panda! So as you can work out I`m kind of a big deal. I am also a very humble man. You do the math, because honestly I am far too busy doing other important shit, like writing blogs and doing Jiu Jitsu to even contemplate the incredible awesomeness that I am, and more importantly, the incredible awesomeness that I can inject into your life once you let me in.

Glad we cleared that up.




So I am big fan of martial arts, always have been, I’ve never felt better than when I’m on the mats or in the ring training, sparring or competing in one form of martial arts or another, except for one exception and that is when I am yo-yoing, I am actually ranked 101st on the WYYCC (World Yo Yo Champions Circuit). I’ve tried out quite a few styles over the years and I loved them all. My personal favorite would have to be Turkish Oil Wrestling, because whats better then grappling a finely chiseled and oiled middle eastern man. Currently I spend most my time training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I also train in Japanese jiu-jutsu which I love for the practicality of it, self defence is always on my mind in anything I practice, ‘how would this work into my self defence situation?’ I’m a fan of training for sport and competing but lets not forget, I also am partial to a good meal. Also, whenever I can if it’s possible I try to train naked, you just never know what else is out there and available whether at home or traveling and visiting, as the saying goes “Have Gi, Wont Wear It”! If required I can wear a sock…
After a rather successful summer of traveling for work and training while on the go I was able to visit a bunch of different school, clubs and dojos, mostly all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, grappling and Gay friendly clubs. They all had one thing in common: man on man contact. This furthered my belief that all martial arts are tied together, not just by having similar moves and concepts but they all are built on the same principals of skin to skin contact and respect to one anothers privacy outside of the clubs. This reinforced my beliefs of this connection that I’ve noticed over the years loitering at different clubs. This got me to thinking, I’ve always wanted to see different martial art styles in the homeland they originate from or how the same style differs from place to place. Brazilian jiu-jitsu for instance is so varied from club to club that your own style can work perfectly against a more senior belt in one club and be completely shut down by a junior belt in another club, and that’s just in the same city. As with all clubs I have been to, sometimes I play top sometime bottom, I have found on my travels that its good to be versatile, you make more friends that way. To seewhat I have so far and to think about how much is out there still to see and learn is overwhelming and exciting. And so with this I have began my planning phase to travel the world, going from country to country, city to city, club to club training in martial arts and experiencing this wonderful art, the Art of Self Defence.

See you in San Diego!!!



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