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Luke Docherty

Sitting here watching EBI 12 and I have thought I may as well write my bio, it’s always easy writing about yourself when you’re modest :) so here we go…

The day I was born, the nurses wept in despair, for they knew they would never see a beauty such as I again.

In the 8th grade, I was invited to participate in an international thinktank on global warming.

My hobbies include experiments into controlling the weather, and a successful attempt to breed dolphins and humans.

I was introduced to the art of mind control by a wizened Oriental master over a campfire.

I have received an award from the ATO on the beauty and poise of my tax returns.

I have composed symphonies so beautiful that several members of the audience damaged their eardrums in an attempt to deafen themselves, as they knew they would never hear anything so soulful again.

My fashion sense is unparalleled.

I am the only person to climb Mt. Everest in a t shirt and shorts.

I free-dived with box jellyfish and great white sharks, and lived to tell about it.

I am humble. I have no need to brag.

Now on to the boring shit…
I am a handsome young man whose Jiu Jitsu journey began officially 3 years ago. It was something that I had always wanted to try but always found an excuse. The nearest gym was 40 minutes away, I was overweight, to be fair I was 152kgs, but that shouldn’t have stopped me. Eventually all the holes in the cheese lined up we lived close my girls had started training and I thought fuck it why not finally give it a shot. From my first night on the mats I was hooked and for the past 3 years I have trained and competed as often as I can and when work allows.


As mentioned in the first blog entry I started Free Rollers not long after I started BJJ, I also started the Open Guard website about a year later. It has been an absolute honour to run this website and has seen me speak and network with some of the biggest names not only here in Australia but also the world. I am truly grateful the support I have received.

Who am I, I hear you ask? Well

I am a 33 year old husband and father. For me family is number 1, although if you asked my wife I think she would debate that Jiu Jitsu takes the front seat. I am a passionate individual and my interests other than family and Jiu Jitsu include…FB_IMG_1502666237905

Well I like to eat Chicken Wings, Hot Chicken Wings. That is also going to be a focus of mine while in San Diego, if I am not on the mats I will be found at the local wing spots eating ALL of the Hot Wings.

I like to consider myself an entrepreneur, I spent 13 years in the Military and since leaving have explored many different options of working for myself and allowing me to live life on my terms. My wife and I have recently launched a Cold Brew Company, That Cold Stuff. I like to travel, I like to meet people from all walks of life and hear about peoples journeys, I also don’t mind talking about myself.

All in all to sum me up.
I am an exceptionally good looking male (see below), often compared to George Clooney. I am a proud family man, with a deep seeded love affair with Jiu Jitsu, Coffee and Chicken Wings. If we are ever in the same locations at the same time get in touch lets share wings/beers/coffee and most importantly let’s roll


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