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Since taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3 years ago. I have always planned on traveling specifically to train. When we went to California in 2015 and I managed to get in a couple of sessions in but nothing to dramatic. I wanted more, I needed more. Jiu Jitsu is a drug and I for one am hooked couple that with my already established relationship I have with travelling it seemed like my life’s path was now decided. We went back over to in 2016 where I managed to sneak away for a solitary session while staying in San Francisco, once again as amazing as it was my thirst was not quenched. Upon our return I decided, after consultation with my amazing wife that 2017 was it.

I got to planning. I have always loved the way the Ribeiro brothers play their games and it actually didn’t take me to long to decide that San Diego and the University of Jiu Jitsu was going to be my number 1 destination. The trip took on various forms over its development. I intended to go over and travell all over SoCal training when and where ever I could. I liaised with a friend of mine over there, Kris Shaw. Kris has been amazing since almost the very start of my journey she was kind enough to give me a shot writing for and has helped with various different projects over the years, and this one was no different. Kris got to work putting me in contact with schools all over Southern California. All were as equally as welcoming another. But getting around was going to be the issue. After planning and replanning numerous times I decided it would be best to set up base in San Diego and pick one of many world class academy’s in the area. University of Jiu Jitsu like I said earlier made the most sense, thankfully they were welcoming to the idea. Initially it went from being myself travelling alone, after some thinking back to times travelled in the past as amazing as the experience was, as is all travel. I couldn’t help but think it would be better in a group.

I guess that’s my type of personality I am comfortable with my own company but much prefer the company of others. My wife didn’t intend on joining me this time round, as the plan is to spend as much time on the mats as physically possible, my thoughts went to arranging a trip for anyone else who wanted to join me, from any gym or affiliation, once I cleared this with University of Jiu Jitsu I got to planning under the Free Rollers banner. For those of you that are unaware Free Rollers was started 1 month after I started Jiu Jitsu as an avenue for me to meet more people within the BJJ community and it came as an open mat outside on the beach. It has been an evolution of sorts I have experimented a lot with the brand, but I am stoked to be back to where I wanted it to be. About Jiu Jitsu!
We have a group of 6 heading over to the US and we leave on the 9th of October, we also land on the 9th of October in LA at 6am followed by a dash south down the I-5 which all going to plan should get us there in roughly 2 hours, if we don’t swing past iconic stops on the way down. I’m thinking frequent stops might be on the cards given the time differences and distance flown prior. There is a class scheduled at 1800 on the 9th but I will be curious to see if we make it. I’d be happy to just make it in to meet the team starting my training the next morning at 7am! We will see how it plays out.

We have been lucky enough to receive support from a brand that I feel is one of, if not the best BJJ clothing and gear brands in Australia. Braus Fight, the team have got behind us and we are stoked to be able to use the Pro Light Gis for our trip. If you haven’t heard about Braus before, I suggest climbing out from under your rock 😉 and heading to and taking a look. While you are there have a look at the amazing team of athletes who proudly repping the brand.

Anyways I plan on blogging about the journey while we go sharing pics and videos of our exploits. In the next post I will introduce the lads that are joining me on this adventure and share a little bit about them. Be sure to follow along if you are even the slightest bit interested in Jiu Jitsu, Travel, Chicken Wings or Fine Athletic Aussie (and one Canadian) gentlemen.
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Although this is the first training trip I have arranged, have it be known that it won’t be the last.
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