The removal of Dillon Danis and Mansher Khera


Explosive news this week out of New York and the Marcelo Garcia camp with two of the top Black Belts being suspended from the MG Dream team.image

There has been some mixed reactions online to the suspensions of Danis and Khera with some questioning the reasons behind removing two of the top performing guys in the team. Marcelo Garcia released a video on his YouTube channel outlining the reasons behind his decision and stating that he has not kicked them off the team he simply has asked them to take some time of and “refocus”. The specific reasons Garcia has asked for the down time remains unclear.


In the video which you can view here in full. Garcia also goes on to talk about the values and standards that he adopts to achieve a positive Jiu-Jitsu culture.



Danis is currently one of the most visible personalities in Jiu-Jitsu having risen to the spotlight as a training partner to UFC Mega star Conor McGregor. It seems as though Mr McGregor has been in his ear about self promotion as well. The ongoing social media beef between Gordon Ryan and the Danaher Death Squad came to a head at the ADCC North American Trials when Danis refused to shake Ryans hand after the match between Mansher & Taza.583106bb41bd0

What ever the reasons behind the suspension, one has to respect the fact that no matter how big a persons presence or how well known/famous they may be, if they don`t respect the values of your professor/mentor/coach then you need to think about whether or not you are a current fit for the academy you are at.

Credit goes to Marcelo Garcia for reminding the world about something that seems to be lacking in today’s world RESPECT.


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