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When anyone who wasn’t at Roars Rampage on the 11th of March asks me how it was, then WOW is my initial reply. The promoter Adam Jacques sure put on a great show for the BJJ community of Perth. The talent on display was amazing from flashy Blue Belts who are in the infancy of their BJJ careers to seasoned veteran Black Belts at the tops of their games not only here in Australia but on the world stage the line-up did not let anyone down.

The night kicked off with a match between two local Western Australian Blue Belts, Anthony Drillich from Next Generation Mandurah and Callum Millard Base MMA Bunbury. Without hesitation these two guys were eager to get the crowd going with some solid takedowns early followed by some slick submission attempts. Callum was the more dominant fighter in my opinion with the first six or so minutes spent attacking the back of Anthony. After the first 10 minute period expired and points were called by referee Professor Adam Metcalfe Drillich escaped and as Millard stood up latched on with an attempt a heel hook. The crowd rose to the occasion as Callum escaped, however Anthony then slipped past the guard and established side control handing him the first round victory.

The next match was as exciting as the first with Blue Belts again Dai Jenkins Evolution MMA v Rian McKay Roar BJJ both guys came out and provided a very exciting opening both attempting the submissions from the word go. Dai locked on a very solid Rear Naked however the composure shown from Rian to take his time and work the escape was brilliant. This was the nature of the fight back and forward RNC and Triangle and beautiful composure and patience between the two guys to work the escapes, Dai ended up taking the win near the end of regulation when he managed to sink in a RNC that Rian was unable to escape.

Match up 3 of the night saw Drillich back on the mats after only a ten minute rest to take on a more experienced grappler in Purple Belt Jeff Dybing Mitsu Domoe. As expect Jeff pushed the pace early in the match and it seemed like it was too much for Anthony after a few escape Jeff caught Anthony in a choke and got the submission.

As the night was progression and getting closer to the higher belts hitting the mats the atmosphere within the venue really began to come alive. There was a hum in the air when two West Aussie Brown Belts hit the mats in Brodie Spylian Submission Factory and Jamie Hunt Legion 13.This match seen a fiery opening with Brodie getting the early takedown. Once the fight hit the mats it didn’t slow down it was a constant battle for position with transitions, reversals and sweeps coming thick and fast. Brodie attempted some impressive submissions with Jamie returning fire with equally impressive well timed escapes. In the end it was Brodie with the win via Arm Bar.

The next match was over within the first minute with Luke Martin getting the takedown and locking in the Heel Hook in 57 seconds of Luke Howarth.

Next up the crowd lifted and the atmosphere changed as Kit Dale Absolute MMA was called to take his place on the Mats against Mark Vorkopener Kick-Ass MMA. Kit was not to be out done by the performance prior so in 23 seconds an ankle lock was on and a tap was made. Kit had lifted the pace of the night and put the competition on notice.

Local crowd favourites were up next with to exciting Blue Belts George Garley Legion 13/Seldys Gym V Dai Jenkins Evolution MMA. The anticipation was high that this was going to go the distance and started off with a lot of movement from both fighters Dai shot for the takedown and landed it however in true Garley style he managed to lock on the Kimura during the takedown and got the tap inside 54 seconds! The crowd was pumped.

Next up was an exciting display from a couple of the lighter guys on the card, Pablo Torrealba V Mikael Yahaya. Mikael came out with some light-heartedness and ripped off his shirt whilst throwing a cheeky little wink in Pablos direction. It was a super explosive start to the match from both fighters. They exchanged positions on the ground with the leg locks once again coming out from the Melbourne based Mikael. They both rose to their feet and no sooner did Pablo shoot for the double leg then Mikael jumped twice his body height and cleared the takedown attempt. They went to ground again and ended up in North/South I couldn’t help but notice a wry smile from Mikael whilst he lingered in the position longer then he needed. With two minutes remaining in the bout Pablo secures mount and works towards the head and arm. It was locked on tight and Pablo gets the tap with win 1.47minutes remaining.

We managed to catch Mikael after the event and here is what he had to say about the night.

Mikael Yahaya with Open Guards Luke Docherty

OG – Hey mate thanks for your time! I personally want to say thank you for grappling topless tonight, my favourite no gi outfit is actually 3 socks. As you could guess I’m not often asked to feature at these events.

As one of the if not the smallest guys in the comp you sure made up for it with personality, I’ve got to ask mate what was behind the wink at the start of your match with Pablo and did Pablo catch it?

MY – I’d like to think regardless of size I’d have somewhat of an interesting personality. The night before and the morning of, Pablo and I were talking about our potential fight and discussing how we both like to throwdown. This made the dynamic interesting as we bonded before we had even fought. I only winked because as I took off my T shirt the crowd cheered and Pablo smiled. I simply just winked to add to the entertainment.

OG – I’d imagine you have had an influx of seminar requests after turning straight grapplers all over the world last night, so when do you plan on coming back to Perth?

MY – Haha, I’ve been discussing about a return to Perth (hopefully soon) with some seminars, competitions and potential super fights. It was my first time in Perth over the weekend and I really love it over in WA. You guys are awesome!

OG – On the serious side, people have been talking about your jump over Pablos double leg attempt, you can’t teach that mate. Was it planned?17440109_10154996882336718_479404929_n

MY – Ahh the jump; I usually am one of the more explosive competitors in all the competitions I sign up for. The jump over the double leg definitely was not planned. I was surprised I did it myself. I remember he kept trying to take me down, and as he went for that double leg, I was already moving forward waiting for an opportunity to explode into some kind of scramble. I think I was going to go for a jumping guillotine or snap down of sorts. It just so happened that he shot for the takedown just before I could make a decision. So I just reacted and jumped over him.

OG – What’s next for 2017?

MY – 2017 has been a slow start for me to be honest. I believe I’ve got Grappling Industries Melbourne next and the Abu Dhabi World Pro after. I started a clean diet a week ago and I’m going to be pretty strict with it to cut down to the lighter divisions. I will also do Gi Worlds and Nogi Worlds. At the end of last year I placed at Nogi Worlds. When I first started Jiu Jitsu I never thought I’d ever take competition as seriously as I do now (even though I jump over people). But while I’m relatively young I’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t try my best to take Jiujitsu as far as I could. I’m hunting those World Titles and I have aims to be the most exciting submission grappler at the top and elite level.

OG – Thanks heaps for your time mate catch up with you again soon.

With two matches remaining in the opening round we saw two more quality matches.

Chris Mazzali v Adam Jacques.

Lachlan Giles v Tyrone Kingi.

Chris and Adams match was off to a slower pace than the rest of the nights with both fighters trying to establish grips prior to the match going to the ground. Once the fight got to the ground the Mitsu Domoe leg locks and 10th Planet esque style of grappling was on full display, with Chris attempting leg locks whilst combining a transition to Adams back. Chris gets the RNC lock on after a few attempts and secures the win putting him into the second round.

Lachie and Tyrone was a battle of sizes Tyrone was clearly the bigger of the two grapplers and Lachie went straight to the ground by sitting down. Tyrone seemed to be content being in the top position however he was very wary of his leg placement. When Lachie started attacking his legs he had nowhere to run and Lachie secured his next match with a Heel Hook victory over Kingi.

After the first round there was a 15 minute break. Where the crowd could get some food, and refresh themselves. The vibe amongst the crowd was extremely friendly with guys girls and children mingling and talking amongst themselves about the matches they have just witnessed and who was the favourite to take out the night. It seemed as though Kit Dale had firmed himself amongst the punters with his training partner Lachlan Giles running a close second.

The second round was as equally as explosive as the first with the level of Jiu Jitsu being raised with each and every fight. At one point I was certain Kit had bought Classy grappler to coach at the event as I was positive I heard the advice to slip in a fist?





Round Two winners were;

Brodie Spirily def Jeff Dybing via Heel Hook

Kit Dale def Luke Martin

Pablo Torrealba def George Garley via Triangle

Lachlan Giles def Chris Mazzali via Choke


Round Three saw only two matches with

Kit Dale facing off against Brodie Sprilian, the bout was an exciting one but Kit was too strong and ended up getting the tap via leg lock securing the first spot in the final. Pablo was about to have a big challenge ahead as he faced off against past EBI winner Lachie Giles. Lachie was dominant early with numerous attempts at Darce, Kimura and Arm bars with Pablo able to escape all early attempts much to the crowd’s excitement. Eventually however Lachie managed to sink in the Darce, Pablo could escape and the match was over with 5.09 remaining. Kit was quick to start the taunts from the crowd towards Lachie. As the crowd prepare to see the two teammates do battle for the $2500.
The final match lived up to all expectations and was an absolute war between two very very skilled grapplers who know each other’s games inside and out. The match went back and forward for the entire regulation and almost the duration of Overtime also before Kit managed to pass Lachie`s legs into side control winning via first points.

We caught up with Lachie and Kit after the event and here is what they had to say,

Lachlan Giles with Open Guards Luke Docherty

OG – Congratulations on making the final mate, the question everyone wants to know, do you actually intend on getting Kit the Nintendo Switch?

LG – Thanks Luke, This might have been interpreted incorrectly, so I’ll give the whole story. I had been talking to Mikael about the new Zelda game having good reviews, and then later that evening we walked past an EB games several times. I felt like it was luring me in so I decided that if I won I would buy a Nintendo switch. After we met up with Kit, we walked past the same store. I told him that if we met in the final, If I was about to lose I would just think of the Nintendo switch to gain some extra willpower. So it wasn’t that I had to buy Kit a Nintendo switch, it was if I won I was going to buy myself one! I guess it’ll have to wait!

OG – I know you have been training and competing in wrestling tournaments lately, Do you feel the event had a WWE feel to it with Kits name already written on the cheque?

LG – Haha I did notice that, how did it get on there so quick?

OG – How did you find the level of local grapplers you came up against on the night and did anyone in particular surprise and excite you?

LG – The level was great and there were tons of good matches. All but two of the matches were finished by submission in regulation time which I think is pretty much unprecedented. All of my matches were tough; the funny thing about submission grappling is that one little mistake can be the end of the match. I had quite a few failed finishes over the weekend so I’ll have lots to work on for the next few weeks. If I had to pick one I would say I really liked my match with Pablo, I was really impressed with his aggression, ability to defend my attacks, and turn them into offensive positions for himself. Perth has a ton of talent. The guy that Kit fought in the semi-final had a really good style. I was particularly impressed with him.

OG – Your seminar on Friday night was sold out, with a busy 2017 ahead do you have any plans to return to Perth in the near future?

LG – I only got to see a tiny fraction of Perth, and I had a great impression. I’d definitely like to come back, maybe for the next Roar’s Rampage? Perhaps spend a bit more time to get to see more of the place and hopefully run a seminar or two.

OG – Perth would be stoked to have you back mate and we look forward to seeing you here again in the near future. Thanks for your time mate.


Kit Dale with Open Guards Luke Docherty

OG – Hey Kit, thanks for your time mate. I can’t help but realise there was a noticeable absence of the guard stopper 2000, do you feel you let the crowd down by leaving it out of your game?

KD – Hahahhahaha mate the guard stopper is too powerful!

OG – Obviously the $2500 was a nice purse to take home, but let’s be honest do you think Lachie will get the Nintendo Switch for you?

KD – It was Lachlan that really wanted a Nintendo! So after I won I told him I’ll pay for half of it! Which I did!

OG – How was vibe on the mats from the crowd, at one point I suspected you may of bought Classy Grappler over to coach when I heard the advice shouted out in one of your matches to “slip in a fist”?

KD – Inaudible laughter

OG – On more of a serious note, how do you feel the WA BJJ scene compares to the rest of Australia?

KD – The level is good Man! It’s Hard to say because I didn’t fight a black belt my weight from there but it still was good!

OG – Are there any plans to come back soon for seminars etc?

KD – I do plan to return man!

OG – Well mate we hope to see you back soon. Thanks for your time!17264274_620280824829301_6466173785212953869_n

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